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2022-4-22 · Price: $39.99. Covers the following models: EC360, EC360 LC, EC360 NLC Excavator— SN: 3001 and up. Service Parts Catalogue Manual Covers: 01 General. 02 Engine with Mounting and Equipment. 03 Elec. The system, Warning System, Information System, Instruments. 04 Power Transmission.

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EC360. Hi, Can I get price for this pump and for this ecu please. Regards EC360BNLC... EC360. SA1125-01980 - Hose EC360. Good morning, For EC360BLC S/N: EC360VI1241 (2005) we are looking for ... EC360. VOE14565337 - Rod EC360. Final Drive #7117-45010 ---- > 1 qty EC360. RELIEF VALVE 14577744

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High Pressure Excavator Hydraulic Pump EC360 …

High Pressure Excavator Hydraulic Pump EC360 EC460 K5V200 Hydraulic Main Pump . The paramter of the hydraulic pump you need to send us . 1 . The nameplate of your old product 2 . The picture of your old product 3 . The excavator or hydraulic pump model . If you only need the hydraulic pump parts. 1. Please send us the nameplate of the pump 2.

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Обзор гусеничных экскаваторов EC360. Технические характеристики: масса, двигатель, силовые элементы, кабина, габариты, ходовая часть Ещё больше возможностей. Узнайте об июльских изменениях в разделе «Запчасти и ...


HARDOX 400® bucket (curved side) Description Reinforced bucket Wide bucket Bucket capacity SAE 1,610 l 1,840 l CECE 1,400 l 1,600 l Bucket width 1,410 mm 1,580 mm Weight 1,420 kg 1,520 kg No. of teeth 5 5 Application General purpose Loading service 6,700 kg counterweight ME boom 6.2 m + arm 2.6 m A A HD boom 6.45 m +

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2022-6-6 · Plant Mfc. Steam Engine Mfc. Agricultural Machinery. Agricultural Implements. Engine Mfc. Truck Mfc. List of Heavy Haulage Contractors. Models. Models of Tractors and Plant.

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CRAWLER EXCAVATOR EC360 MODEL = EC360 YEAR = 2006 MADE = KOREA LOCATION = KOREA PRICE = ON CALL STOCK NO: FB7505 WORKING CONDITION IS REALLY GOOD MORE INFO ON REQUEST. Updated: May 25, 2022 8:03 PM. FAIZ BROTHERS CO. LTD. Seoul, Seoul, South Korea 03766. Seller Information. Phone: +82 10 …

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Gebrauchte ec360 Bagger zu verkaufen. Auf Mascus finden Sie zahlreiche gebrauchte Bagger, Zubehörteile. Die Suchergebnisliste der ec360, EC 360 B, EC 360 B LC, EC 360 B N LC, EC 360 C N L, EC 360 ist nach Aktualität sortiert, Sie können auch eine Sortierung nach Preis, Baujahr, Betriebsstunden oder Standort vornehmen.

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THE EC360 SERIES EXCAVATOR INCLUDES. EC360, EC360 LC, EC360Be. About The EC360 Excavator. With a hydraulic system named "The Automatic Sensing Work Mode," the E360 Series Excavator is ready to rumble. That''s because it has a high digging capacity and precision maneuvering. It does all of this while providing owners with fuel ...

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Find EC360LC Hydraulic Excavator for Sale . 2015 EC160DL Tracked Excavator. 2529 TORONTO, ON. 2012 EC480DL Tracked Excavator. 12176 TORONTO, ON. 2007 EC460BLC Tracked Excavator. 19634 TORONTO, ON. 2010 EC360CL Tracked Excavator. 13988 TORONTO, ON. 2001 E360BLC Tracked Excavator.

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Older excavator is sold. This one starts and goes. Owner thinks it needs new injector. It got a new turbo, and has gone about 200 hours since. - Hours about 13700 - Bucket about 1700 l This is ready for delivery and is located in Telemark. ... EC360 . Ref: 22888 . Solgt! Excluding MVA. Information . Category. Excavator on tracks ...


The EC360B was altered and upgraded with different engines during the production years. Production year 2001-2009. EC360B. 2009 specifications. Engine. D12D. Rated output, kW (hp) 184 (247) Bucket capacity, m3.


The EC360 had a low-emission, turbocharged Cummins diesel engine with direct injection. The machine had a long undercarriage for good stability and an integrated mode selection system and electronically controlled system (ACS). Production year 2000-2001. EC360.


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EC360CL Ficha tecnica & Especificaciones …

La máquina tiene un peso de 38.3t. La EC360CL pertenece al segmento más grande de las excavadoras de orugas. El modelo se fabrica con un alcance máximo de 11,2m y una profundidad de excavación de 7,5m. La Excavadora …

EC360CL Specyfikacja & Dane Techniczne (2007-2011)

Lectura specs Maszyny budowlane Koparki gąsienicowe Koparki gąsienicowe EC360CL - specyfikacje i dane techniczne 9,50 /10 Oceń tę maszynę! Waga: 38.3t – Długośc transportowa: 10.91m – Szerokość transportowa: 3.34m – Wysokość transportowa: 3.2m – Pojemność czerpaka: 2m³ – Podwozie: LC

EC360BLC excavator specs (2002

currently produces 26 other crawler excavators, which range from 8.5t up to 53.1t - the most visited on LECTURA Specs are EC 480 EL, EC 250 EL, EC 380 EL. Currently, 26 models of the EC 360 BLC crawler excavator exist, at an average sale value of €49000 at 11 years of age.


2019-7-17 · Description EC360 EC460 13990 xxxx 10610 3215 3110 DIMENSIONS C B A • Standard quick fit backhoe equipment Description EC360 EC460 C D B A • Machine including 3-piece demolition attachment B A C • Machine including standard quick fit backhoe equipment 9010 9340 7435 7600 2040 1910 6,0 – 6,4 7,4 – 8,2 A. Overall length* mm B. Lenght ...

EC360CL excavator specs (2007

The EC 360 CL is a 38.3t machine with engine which powers this model with up to 184kW or 246 horse power. The EC 360 CL can be grouped in the biggest machine segment in the crawler excavators category. The model''s dimensions are 10.91m x 3.34m x 3.2m. The bucket capacity of EC 360 CL is 2m³, which is above average for this ...


EC360 EXCAVATOR Engine power, gross: 198 kW (265 hp) Operating weight: _ LC: 36.8 ~ 38.1 t _ NLC: 35.1 ~ 36.7 t Buckets (SAE): 1500 ~ 2100 l Low-emission, turbocharged Cummins diesel engine with direct injection Integrated mode selection system and electronically controlled system (ACS) 2 variable displacement axial piston pumps ...

Excavator EC330, EC360, EC380 55AMRE Bucket Tooth

2022-7-15 ·  Excavator EC330, EC360, EC380 55AMRE Bucket Tooth Feature: Part Number 55AMRE, VOE 14523656. Weight 15.9 kg. Brand Name Custom logo. Replacement Brand . Material Alloy Steel. Color YELLOW / RED / BLACK / CUSTOMER REQUIRED. Style Standard Teeth.

ECR380E graafmachine op rupsen

2022-7-15 · Brandstofrendement staat centraal bij de EC380E graafmachine met rupsbanden. Dankzij de geavanceerde technologie, wder ''s unieke ECO-modus en het nieuwe elektronisch geregelde hydraulische systeem, …

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EC360. Hi, Can I get price for this pump and for this ecu please. Regards EC360BNLC... EC360. SA1125-01980 - Hose EC360. Good morning, For EC360BLC S/N: EC360VI1241 (2005) we are looking for ... EC360. VOE14565337 - Rod EC360. Final Drive #7117-45010 ---- > 1 qty EC360. RELIEF VALVE 14577744

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The hydraulic system works as follows: The diesel engine rotates the shaft of the hydraulic pump, which converts mechanical energy into energy hydraulic.. The hydraulic fluid is piped into the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic cylinders through the control valve system and converted there into mechanical energy of rotation or reciprocating motion.

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2006 EC360 BLC ~6800 hours 2015 Genesis GXT665R rotating steel shear with ~300 hours of use since new stick included. Call For Price. Call For Price. Florida, NY, USA

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EC360 Excavator. Manufacturer: ; Model: EC360; Hours: 1,000 - 16,000 hours available; Good condition EC360 Excavators available between 2000 and 2016 years. Located in China and other countries. Click request price for more information.

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Informieren Sie sich über detaillierte Spezifikationen, Informationen und technische Daten für EC360CL Bagger, die zwischen (2007 - 2011) hergestellt wurden. Erhalten Sie detailliertere Einblicke in die EC360CL Baggerspezifikationen der LECTURA Specs.

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EC360BLC Ficha tecnica & Especificaciones (2002-2007) 7,38 /10 Califique esta máquina ahora! Peso: 36.8t – Longitud de transporte: 10.91m – Anchura transporte: 3.34m – Altura de transporte: 3.19m – Capacidad cuchara: 1,9m³ – Mecanismo de dirección: LC. Datos técnicos.

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EC360BLC Hydraulic Excavator

EC360BLC Hydraulic Excavator. Imperial Metric. Units. Dimensions. Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1 . A Shipping Length Of Unit. 35.8 ft in. C Shipping Height Of Unit. 12.14 ft in. I Max Cutting Height. 33.04 ft in. J Max Loading Height. 22.41 ft in. K Max Reach Along Ground. 33.63 ft in. L Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth. 15.75 ft in. M